If you don't track your CrossFit® workouts, you're wasting your hard work.

LoadTimeRounds helps you visualize your progress and adjust your training — so you can be sure you're always getting stronger, faster, and healthier.

Record Everything

Built for constantly-varied functional fitness.

There's no such thing as a typical CrossFit workout session. Warm-ups, skill work, Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting, metcons, mobility — anything's game. You might record daily results as loads, times, rounds, reps, or something else entirely. Maybe you scaled your workout, maybe you hit multiple WODs in a single day.

LoadTimeRounds lets you record as much or as a little as you like. There are no limitations to the type or number of workouts you can enter, from Fran to Wendler 5/3/1 to your Warrior Dash time from last weekend.

Log simply & quickly

Your workouts are punishing. Tracking them shouldn't be.

LoadTimeRounds has the ease of a spiral notebook, but the power of an advanced database. Unlike other tracking apps, you won't have to slog through endless forms just to enter a simple WOD. And better than paper, you'll never misplace this journal, run out of space, or have to flip through hundreds of pages looking for past results.

Built-in benchmarks

All of the CrossFit benchmark WODs are built right in to LoadTimeRounds for rapid workout entry and tracking. Just type in a workout name and the description and result type will fill in automatically.

Unit agnostic

Use mixed plates or travel a lot? No problem. Input your strength workout results in any mixture of kilograms and pounds.

Seamless backup

Because it lives in the cloud, your LoadTimeRounds training journal is available from any computer with an Internet connection. Our databases are regularly backed up to ensure that you'll never lose your training history.